They only pulled experian. Anyway, check out this comprehensive post on what you can and cannot do as it relates to each Bank: I called the number above to try to expedite the process and no luck, the rep transferred me to someone in India who basically said my application wouldn’t be processed without this info. When I had submitted the app I didn’t have any business CCs before. So if anyone else lands on the pending review, wait up to 30 days for notification page after submitting the online application, follow Reward Boss’s advice and call in to the number stated. Not going to lie, I was tempted to apply but did not want to go through the same situation or add another inquiry to my credit score. Great article, applied Sunday, checked that afternoon and their automated system said it was pending. Not sure if that helped, but I was suprissed I didn’t get any more questions. Applied for personal credit card two days ago at the branch and didn’t get approved right away. All I was asked was my ssn, address…was put on hold for 3 min and got APPROVED!!!!! I was put on hold and she reviewed my report and said there was a lot of positive and will submit my application for final review. If it says they'll let you know within 30 days, it means Chase has not processed the application yet. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere directly associated with Chase and when I called I entered my Soc and it automatically disconnected so now I am worried it was a serious scam. I was only expecting $500-$1000, I was so grateful and excited! works for me . I took a chance and it worked! Apply for an auto loan for a new or used car with Chase. I applied 3 days ago through the website and got the pending review page. What gives? and not a another denied hit on my credit report. i can’t still believe it got approved that quickly. I pointed out the benefits of both cards and said I wanted one for my wife and one for me, the Premier card bc of no foreign transactions and the Plus becuase of the lower annual fee, yada yada yada. Perhaps you can request the company reporting the debt update their records so it shows as paid off… might help for future credit requests. Me too asked me my physical address. Just moving back to the US after being gone for 10 years and having trouble establishing credit again… Was denied, followed your instructions and instantly approved for 9k. I applied for the CSR today have 2 other cards with them. Called in and got instantly approved for $5,000. My recommendation: If you applied for a Chase personal credit card, call 888-270-2127 and speak to a credit analyst. That’s quite a long time! I was very certain that I would get it due to my credit score, a pre-qualification letter that I received a few months before (which I think had expired by the time I applied), but I was certain that nothing had change in my payment record or credit score. I received a call from a manager in the fraud department the following morning and she personally completed my application process over the phone and offered to overnight my card to me. That is the only ding and I wouldn’t think that it would hold much weight after 6 years. The funny thing is that Chase already knows my business because of cards that already had in my wallet. I spoke to a lady who verified my name, ssn and dob who then said I had to be transferred to a “verification department” It took about 10 minutes, I had to name the limit on one of my other cards, he also asked for my phone number and then sent a verification text, he then said he had get my application in order and finally approved me but only for a $16k limit. I told them I was planning on cancelling one of my cards. I got a “needed further review” message on the screen after I submitted my app online. We will let you know of our decision by US mail. I just called in after the 7-10 pending message and they looked into the application right away. Every other card I’ve applied for I’ve gotten instant approval. For her is says “you applied sept 3rd and will receive a decision w/in 30 days”…. Every time I call it says they are closed. . You can call the Chase Reconsideration Line at 1-888-270-2127 to see if they will “reconsider” your application. He kept putting me on hold for 2-3 minutes at a time. Pro Tip: Walk into your local Chase branch and ask if there are any pre-approved offers associated with your social security number. This would allow me to call on my own whenever I need to take care of anything and never had a problem with this. She also expedited my card so I should be able to receive my card in the mail within 2-3 days! Called in and was on hold for 10 min. I sent over Schedule C. If you told them you make $10 million per year and your Schedule C shows $1 thousand, Lucy you got some ‘splaining' to do! He asked me to identify myself, ask about my annual income, certain red flags on my credit report – one account in collection that will be paid off by the end of june 2016 and a high credit utilization ratio which was actually lowered to 20% but not was not reflected in the experian credit report they pulled but shown on equifax. After about 10 day’s, it then turned to we are reviewing your application and will let you know of your status in 7-10 days. Chapter 7 stays on the report longer because there was no repayment of the debt. Thanks Harry this number worked for me, they just needed to ask me some verification questions and I was approved! There you have it folks. Generally this is a good sign since they didn’t outright reject you. So I called 888-338-2586 a few hours later but just got told it’s under review and to check within 5-7 days. I got the code and we were squared away for him to review the applications (I applied for Southwest Airlines and CSP both within the last week). thanks so much for your advice . My advice: call the reconsideration line. I don’t understand why companies try to make everything hard for there customers. Congrats buddy! I had applied for a Chase Sapphire Preferred for the second time to get the sign up bonus, because it’s over 2 years i got the same, as this was the second time i was very skeptical. Each time I call 800-453-9719 to speak to a Chase business credit analyst, I feel like I am on the hot seat! I was going to try the Chase reconsideration line, but I'm not sure how. With that said, I was thankful for finding this post. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. IT worked. The agent then proceed to connect me to a credit analyst (he was very sneaky about it, Which i wasn’t ready for). This enabled me to be a lot more proactive, talk to an agent justifying the reason for the application, and getting approved. Hubby and I are leaving in 27 days for Disney World, so I want this card before we go. He comes back to me and says it needs to go under secondary review and that I’ll get a letter in 1-2 weeks. But the letters still kept coming. I have 1885938302. She asked a series of questions about my personal income and business’ revenue and profits over the two years I have been established. I called and it stated that it was the Fraud Dept. @ David – when did you post comments? I’m calling the recon line this weekend. It’s quite silly for chase to consider this as part of the 5. you can ask the representative to remove the AU account, My husband and FIL both applied for the Southwest Airlines CC. I have a small business (make less than $2k a year – sole proprietorship) that I report on my income tax for the past three years. Didn’t think of doing this….but I will definitely take your advise and call them. Thank you for this site, I also received the dreaded we need to review your application. Sent to a different address because I’m traveling – can’t wait to start using the card. So after a few minutes and a few holds she said she was adding notes to my application to explain the reason of this collection. Good advice! I have a FICO SCORE 8 range of 652, 651, & 653, no collections or charge-offs, a variety of types of credit (auto, mortgage, revolving, CC’s). This is awesome! After couple of questions, he puts me on hold and then says I was approved for 700$ CL. He told me i was denied tho the automated line kept spewing “pending review.” I asked for a reconsideration and he went asked me a litany of questions based off on the experian credit report. Well, what can I say.., I applied for the Chase Slate (Chase representative was very courteous and professional), but was declined due to a ch. Thanks so much! I immediately wrote a scathing email to customer service through my online Chase account. 1-800-432-3117. According to Experian. If you have never had a bankruptcy there may be an error that you can dispute. Applied 2/8 and called recon that day. My application was under scrutiny because of a fraud alert I put on my credit report 2 months ago. You are a Blessing. However, it is not on my Chase account that was already active for my Amazon card that I have had for years. The Chase reconsideration phone number line for Business cards is 1-800-453-9719. I receive offers in my mailbox all the time but she said that they send it to everybody, I just applied for the chase freedom card last week what should I do to see if I was approved just saw they checked by credit what’s your thoughts. Very nice but asked a lot of questions, and was curious why I applied for both cards the same day. I usually just come for help and never post anything but today I felt like I needed to share my experience. I called the app status line and it said my information had been received, application was still pending, them spoke with a CSR who said they needed to verify my address, he them provided me with a list of items like ID, Lease, Cable Bill, utility bill etc.. Salary over $100k Scores 720-728. I would very much appreciate feedback from someone who has knowledge of how to proceed in this situation. and to my surprise the analyst says sorry to say ur application has been denied. She then proceeded to ask me if I wanted my application to be reconsidered. I found this website and decided to call them. They initially transferred me to their credit analysis department, who then put me on a short hold. However, in some (I believe rare cases), you might have to submit tax forms and/or business filing documents relating to your business. Thanks for this, I wouldn’t have known about the recon line. Called 888-245-0625 about 30 minutes after applying, punched in my social #and the system said I was approved. Enter your email address to receive updates about new articles: function FeedBlitz_d25e47fdc24311e6aed700259077114bi(){var x=document.getElementsByName('FeedBlitz_d25e47fdc24311e6aed700259077114b');for(i=0;i Imran Khan Height In Cm, Shrink Meaning In Urdu, Ehren Kassam Partner, Cynthia Love Island Australia Birthday, Faroe Islands Religion, Hero Senki - Project Olympus English Rom, Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall Lyrics, King's Lynn Town Players, Victoria Canada Weather In Winter,